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Metz Christian Church (260) 665-1375

Bumper Stickers

Comming available soon for purchase.

Bumper Sticker

#1 Vinyl Bumper Sticker 3" x 11" Whire background/Blue letters/red logo

Bumper Sticker

#2 Vinyl Bumper Sticker 3" x 11" Black background/safty yellow letters/logo

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug with Jesus Is on cross logo


My favorite message "Jesus Is - Therefore" Defineing the fact of His existance. Jesus said: "I Am" so "Jesus Is"


Why a bumper sticker?

  • Why “Jesus Is”

    First let me thank you for your willingness to proclaim Jesus, Thank you! Second, when you display this bumper sticker someone will ask you: “Jesus is what?” What will you answer them?

              I call the statement of fact, Jesus Is, passive aggressive evangelism. Why? Simply put, once someone reads this statement their mind begins to treat the statement as a question. The mind begins to look for answers. You my brother or sister should be prepared to give that answer.

              Consider first that it is a statement of being or existence: Jesus Is! Very similar to God’s and Jesus’ own statement: “I Am” Next, Jesus is everything God’s Holy Word says He Is and so much more.

              To help you with this you will find on this web site: a collection of lessons that are downloadable in PDF for your study, and use. Please use them to fill your arsenal with ammunition to take along for that next question asked of you. Blessings, in Jesus name!


              “Jesus Is” Is trade marked by Michael L. Hesterman for the sole purpose of outreach to the lost of the world that they too may gain salvation.