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Because Scripture is True:

 Because Scripture is true and correct and the existence of Jesus is a reality it would be to your benefit to listen to what The Word has to say about your future. 
    At some point in the future there will be a judgment to be faced by everyone, living or dead. The word tells us that every knee will bow before Him who is Lord. Please do not confuse His love and His purpose. Now is the time to find pardon for all your wrong choices. At that point in the future, if previous provisions have not been made, there will be no opportunity for pardon, only sentencing - DEATH
    The truth of things is simple, God is God, He is sovereign. As King He holds the right and authority to mandate how life shall be lived. (After all He did create all that is. He wrote the rules of operation.) Any deviation from that prescribed way of living is classified in several ways: it is called sin. It is called wickedness, and it is regarded by God as rebellion. It brings with it the sentence of death.
    You can have the sentence of death removed and be granted blessings beyond imagination and live eternally if you will submit to His Lordship now while in the land of the physically living.
    Far better to bend your knee to Him now in willing obedience rather than later in forced subjection to punishment in finality - no escape. What Jesus is right now, He invites you also to become. He is the first born from the resurrection. You also can be born from the resurrection and live for ever in a new glorious body like His. Your call; Please choose to live.

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